Let me paint a mental image....a bunch of friends are sitting on the front porch on a cool summer day as the sun begins to set, having some cold drinks while some great music is playing. Everyone is smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves!.

Well, that's what my radio show is like... a bunch of friends getting together for a few hours a day and I'm the one playing music... I just happen to be doing it in a studio with a radio transmitter behind me and my friends are the thousands of listeners out there within the sound of my voice coming through the radio airwaves!

I make that kind of personal connection with all my listeners that can't be faked or manufactured.. it's real! I'll share a funny story about something that happened to me during the day or share my 2 cents worth about something going on in society.. but don't worry.. I always keep it clean! I'll treat the airwaves like the entire family IS listening and the station license is my own!

While my radio experience has been mostly in country music, I can convey emotion and engagement across any format or daypart.I'm also able to handle my fair share of production while keeping the website and facebook page humming with activity.

I'm willing to relocate anywhere.. and when I say that, I mean it! (I spent 16 months in Alaska!) Don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how I can become a valuable member of your team and help you connect with the listeners and advertisers you serve!

Phone Number: (814) 779-2662
Email: WalkerBroadcasting@gmail.com

Here's My Resume....Click The Link Below To Read Or Download It!
references and letter of reccomendation are available upon request!

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